Food Ingredients Distributor in Russia

Product List

We see our mission in supplying of domestic food factories with high quality ingredients from one hand and provision them with technological support from the other hand.

We deal with different types of food ingredients and main of them are:

  • citric acid (E330) anhydrous and monohydrate;
  • citric acid’s salts: sodium (E331), potassium (E332) and calcium (E333) citrates;
  • ascorbic acid (E300) as antioxidant and vitamin C source;
  • other food acids such as DL- malic (E296), (L+) tartaric (E344) and lactic (E270) ones;
  • food acid’s salts such as sodium lactate (E325), sodium acetate and diacetate (E262), calcium acetate (E263);
  • other antioxidants such as sodium erythorbate (E316)
  • preservatives such as sorbic acid (E200), potassium sorbate (E202), sodium benzoate (E211)
  • taste enrichers such as monosodium glutamate (E621) and the special product I+G (mixture of E631 and E627);
  • wide range of sodium, potassium, calcium phosphates and phosphates blends for different needs.

We constantly work on enlargement of our product list and expansion of our conventional ingredients application areas.

Our company appreciates offers from potential suppliers of our traditional and new products. So we are open for constructive dialog with concerned partners.