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Our main products are:
Ascorbic acid
Citric acid monohydrate
Citric acid anhydrous
Citric acid pure grades
Sodium citrate
Potassium citrate
Calcium citrate
Benzoic acid
Sodium benzoate
Malic acid
Tartaric acid
Sorbic acid
Potassium sorbate
Monosodium glutamate
Sodium erythorbate
Phosphates for food industry
Phosphates for technical needs
Citrates for technical needs

Our Philosophy of Your Success

In the 21st century usage of food ingredients becomes the no alternative way for meal’s mineral and vitamin enrichment, raw material’s processing and industrial manufacturing of healthy and safety food products with fast preparation and long shelf life. Question today is not “to use or not to use” but “how to use” food ingredients and in what quantities they have to be added to particular products to reach the maximum result.

We are firmly convinced that quality food products can be produced only under correct and scientifically grounded application of the maximum pure and effective ingredients.

Meanwhile we are fully confident that our ingredients will be accepted and estimated by the end users only if they are accompanied with suitable service of level as high as quality level of ingredients themselves. We pay attention to availability of all necessary certificates. We have reliable logistic system and guarantee goods delivery to every corner of the country on time. Each question of our clients meets immediate attention and answer of ours or producers technologists. We maintain close relationships with many leading Russian research and scientific centers.

Over a long period of our business activity we invariably follow to the two main principles:

To deliver ingredients of superior quality only

To supply our clients with all kinds of technological support

Usage of quality and technologically comfortable ingredients will undoubtedly improve the end product performances and increase the producers profit. So commercial success of our clients using our ingredients is the final aim of our activity. We are proud that our company is the approved deliverer of the Russian factories of world famous manufacturers and that we make our adequate contribution to the noble mission of provision of Russian people with delicious and healthy food products.

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